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Mystery on Wind Mountain-Photo Shrine

Mystery on Wind Mountain-Photo Shrine

trees-at-wind-mountain-summitYou know the cool thing about exploring is you never know what you’ll find.  Sometimes it’s just a trip with family and friends and you have great time, other times it’s a disaster, car problems, logistics issues, etc.

And then once in a while you get a really interesting story you can tell your friends.  Whatever the outcome all these scenarios are more interesting stories than sitting around watching Saturday morning cartoons.

The Wind Mountain trail has become of my favorite hikes in the Columbia Gorge.  It gives a great view similar to Angels Rest, but with far less people, and an interesting history behind it.  I learned it’s an archaeological site and a place where native American made quests hundreds of years ago.

Wow, I didn’t even know we had a history aside from the zillions of Lewis and Clark museums covering the Northwest.  And it’s actually rather interesting.


trailsign-wind-mountainThe road was a bit outback ending in a steep gravelly one lane road and parking lot.  No fancy trailsigns, just a reminder to brush off foreign weed from your shoes.

The hike was fairly moderate.  Though it’s about a one and a half mile climb, it’s steepness makes it feel like more.

The summit had these foxholes dug into the rocks on top.  These apparently are formations native Americans formed whether recently or hundreds of years ago.  You’re not to disturb them.


After a time of contemplation, photoshooting and eating a snack of greek yogurt, I made my way down, thinking my adventure was more or less finished.  Time to go home…

About halfway down I explored a turn-off from the trail which went to a cliffside which offered a great view.


What’s that basket on the cliffside? Let’s go check it out.

At the end of the cliffside were these photos of a couple laid out with a basket, store-bought french bread and not a soul in site.


When I show others the photo, they ask me, “What is it?”  I don’t know.  You tell me…


The photo sparked a conversation on a hiking group on Facebook.


It gets more interesting as the conversation continues on:


Can anyone possibly take this amount of curiosity?  Like an old mystery novel where someone ripped out the ending, and you can’t find the book anywhere in stores.


To be honest I really don’t know.  People kept writing, and I said if you’re that curious, go check it out yourself!  If the photos are still there, it was probably a memorial.

Update from a recent conversation on Instagram #windmountain:


If you want to hike Wind Mountain here’s a link with some good information about it.

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