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Month: April 2016

Tales from the Columbia Gorge Video

Tales from the Columbia Gorge Video

After spending so much time Gorge hiking over the winter and last year, I decided to make a video about it to the tune of Frozen Pines by the indie-folk band Lord Huron.

I also collected a list of links to the sites shown in the video, so if you see something you like, you can go check it out for yourself.  There’s also more in depth adventure tales of winter hikes in the Gorge
here.  Enjoy the video.


Steep Trails by John Muir-This book tells some history behind some of the scenic areas we’re
familiar with nowadays. It’s interesting to see what John Muir thought
back then of Oregon and places we’ve seen nowadays.


Bonneville Dam-There’s a visitors center with some history and science displays, which is fun if you want something laidback to do after a hike.

Stonehenge Replica-An interesting site to check out.  Closeby is the Maryhill Museum.

Bridal Veil Fall-A very easy scenic hike on the Historic Highway near Angels Rest.

Shepperd’s Dell-If you’re on your way to Crown Point from the East side, this is a great little scenic nook to stop at.’s_Dell_Trailhead

Crown Point-Check out this lookout site if you’re coming to Oregon.  Heck I’ve been there many times and still enjoy it.

Cape Horn-Great hike close to the city in Washington.


Wind Mountain-This place has some interesting native American history.  It’s a great hike and is off the beaten path, as hardly anyone comes here.  It’s a bit different kind of Gorge hike.  For some epic tales, check out my
Wind Mountain blogpost.


Dog Mountain-Very steep, the workout about killed my thighs, but hurt so good for a few days.  In the spring there are supposed to be some great wildflowers here.  There were hardly any videos or photos taken on my hike here, because it was mostly rain and wind.  The summit was so windy I was hanging on for dear life and didn’t want to deal with video right then.  The cloudy viewpoint footage is from the trail further down.

Bridge of the gods-A scenic Oregon/Washington Gorge crossing.  This is also where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the stateline, and is where Cheryl Strayed ended her thru-hike in the epic final scene of the movie Wild.

Pacific Crest Trail near Cascade Locks/Bridge of the gods-If you want to experience the PCT close to town, here’s where to go.  Check out Dry Creek Falls while you’re there.

Angel’s Rest-This trail was icy on New Years Eve.  Beautiful if a bit dangerous.’s_Rest_Hike

Beacon Rock-Very easy and scenic.  Unfortunately it’s currently closed for a while due to a storm.

Hamilton Mountain-Easily one of the most scenic hikes in the Gorge.  That windy waterfall is called the Pool of the Winds.  It’s like a constant storm within a few feet of rock, and is definitely one of nature’s wonders.  Go check it out about a mile or two up the trail, even if you don’t want to to do the entire mountain hike.

Multnomah Falls-As many times as I’ve seen it, it’s still epic as I can see it driving by on the freeway.  If you’re touring Oregon, this is one of the main sites to see.  If you live in Portland already, you’d probably best leave sunny Saturdays for tourists and find something less crowded.

Larch Mountain-You can hike or drive to the summit (road closed for driving from November to May).  From Sherrard Point you can see five major mountains including the colossal Mount Rainier 100 miles away!  The mountains shown here are Mount Hood as well as Saint Helens, Rainier and Adams, the three Washington Mountains to the North.

Wahclella Falls-Like many places in the Gorge, this is easy, scenic and close to the city.  Good for family hikes or hanging out for photography.  Best go on a weekday or early morning Saturday, because of the crowds.

Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls-One of the most popular Gorge hikes.  The bridge to go further on the trail unfortunately is down.  Because of the bridge, USFS has deemed the rest of the trail unsafe.