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Looking Back 2016 – Looking Forward to 2017

Looking Back 2016 – Looking Forward to 2017 for Instragram for Instragram

2016.  What a year.  Some are celebrating it, some want to forget it.  I myself have explored, taken risks, failed, learned, revamped, been burned, conquered, and had an epic adventure throughout.

I climbed South Sister, hiked the Grand Canyon, explored many parts of the Columbia Gorge, the PCT, the Sisters Wilderness, Central Oregon, Olympic National Park, the Snoqualmie region of Washington, and many other beautiful places, many of which were completely new for me.

Personally I don’t believe in living in the past.  Those who say they only made great music in the 60s or the 90s or whenever it was that they were younger are missing out.  You wouldn’t believe how much great music is coming out these days, if you only take the time to look, listen, and had an open mind.

Enjoy your old trophy, or look at photos of that mountain you climbed 10 years ago, but let it inspire you to take on new challenges.  If you’re not facing new challenges something’s wrong.

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Why Do We Climb Mountains?

Why Do We Climb Mountains?

South Sister

“Because it’s there,” respond climbers automatically, echoing the legendary George Mallory who may or may not have climbed to the top of Everest before dying in the attempt.

It’s an inner desire and purpose, which you can’t always express in words to someone who doesn’t have it.  It’s like asking, “Why do you fall in love?”

There’s a great book called Into the Silence which tells of Mallory’s quest for Everest and the story of the World War 1 veterans that accompanied him.  He hit on a great point that to truly understand the story you need to know a few things about the Great War.

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