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Looking Back 2016 – Looking Forward to 2017

Looking Back 2016 – Looking Forward to 2017 for Instragram for Instragram

2016.  What a year.  Some are celebrating it, some want to forget it.  I myself have explored, taken risks, failed, learned, revamped, been burned, conquered, and had an epic adventure throughout.

I climbed South Sister, hiked the Grand Canyon, explored many parts of the Columbia Gorge, the PCT, the Sisters Wilderness, Central Oregon, Olympic National Park, the Snoqualmie region of Washington, and many other beautiful places, many of which were completely new for me.

Personally I don’t believe in living in the past.  Those who say they only made great music in the 60s or the 90s or whenever it was that they were younger are missing out.  You wouldn’t believe how much great music is coming out these days, if you only take the time to look, listen, and had an open mind.

Enjoy your old trophy, or look at photos of that mountain you climbed 10 years ago, but let it inspire you to take on new challenges.  If you’re not facing new challenges something’s wrong.

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7 Ways to Get Back in Shape for Adventure – Hiking Training

7 Ways to Get Back in Shape for Adventure – Hiking Training

Mount Saint Helens Climb

Okay, so you ate too much over the holidays… Guess what? Me too. But rather than sitting around feeling guilty over gaining a few pounds, why not just jump right into the active adventure lifestyle? It’s a new year. What’s done is done, and guilt will just hinder you further.

Some people join a gymn, but personally I like to be outside. But hey if that works for you, more power to you. Some join classes or get a trainer, and that can definitely help.

These tips are generally for self-motivation. Here’s a few things you can do start training for hiking and get back to that exciting adventure lifestyle we long for.

1. Adopt a walking lifestyle.

There are lots of things you can do to avoid being too sedentary. When it’s nice outside, make that extra effort to enjoy it. You can take your friend, significant other or kids, if that helps, but there’s nothing wrong with going by yourself either. My grandpa lived to be 98 years old and one of the things he did was take walks in the morning.

There are other things you can do as well. Park on the far side, take the stairs, drop in at the park, etc. I tend to walk a lot for my job, so that at least keeps me in walking shape. Just look for ways to incorporate activity into your daily routine, especially when you’re busy.

2. Jogging

Even though I don’t hike as much during the winter, I try to keep in shape by jogging at the park. Is it cold? Oh yeah! I layer enough to be somewhat cold at the beginning, but then warm up later on. I’d take cold over hot summer anyday.

Jogging is hard for some when you haven’t done it in a while. Take it easy.
A lot of getting in shape is psychological. Nothing wrong with pushing yourself, but when you’re just starting it becomes a monumental effort and you can end up quitting.

You want to push yourself just enough for a bit of challenge, but keeping the consistency. Better to have easy workouts three times a week then one hard one every two weeks.

3. Eating healthy

Outback Tales emphasizes living a healthy adventurous lifestyle, rather than being results oriented. Rather than counting calories, and constantly worrying about your looks, just embrace this lifestyle.

The emphasis is put on feeling great and confident, as well as productivity at work. And when you go adventuring, you’re already burning calories. When you think this way, you’ll want to start eating foods that give you energy and make you feel good about yourself, rather than junk foods that weigh you down and hinder your adventuring abilities.  The results won’t always be instant, when you do this, you’ll also starting look great over time!

4. Cycling

If you ever struggle with knee or ankle issues, this is the way to go. It’s a way to keep active while keeping the weight off the knees. Some like exercise machines, but others like me gotta be outdoors. Getting fresh air is a large part of it.

If you’re going on errands within just a few miles, why drive? Hey, if you’re busy, rather than wasting time driving, you can have your transportation and your workout all at once.
One advantage to an exercise bike is you can set the workouts for your level however easy or difficult you want it. As long as you’re active and pushing yourself slightly it’s fine. If the exercise bike is too easy or boring, then might I suggest a regular bike and some hills. Trust me, we can make it harder any time. 🙂

5. Stretching

Stretching tends to be underemphasized in many programs unless you do martial arts or yoga. But it’s very helpful for getting those hiking muscles in shape. They say you should warm up first and then stretch. I typically do stretching after a jog at the park.

You can always take a taekwondo class if you really want to learn stretching. I wish I’d grown up doing splits and stretch kicks, so I wouldn’t be as stiff as I am, but hey, you’re never too late.

6. Training for Backpacking

This is the fun one. No special equipment required. Just throw some weights in a backpack. If the other stuff I mentioned is too easy, try doing all your fitness routines with the pack. 20 or 30 pounds may not sound like much, but when added to your jog, walk, cycling, etc. you’ll feel it. Pullups too easy? Try the backpack.

This is also more applicable to the adventure lifestyle. I tend to do this more when I have a backpacking trip coming up. When I’ve trained it makes all the difference in the world.

Busy and short on time? Grab your weighted backpack and run a good sized hill three or four times or however many it takes to do 10 minutes. Staircases inside can work too. Now being too busy isn’t an excuse. Anyone can find 10 or 15 minutes in the day.

And last, but not least…

7. Go hiking!

Wintertime is definitely harder for adventure. But there’s still things you can do. There are meetup groups and guided tours from the city that can get you adventuring in no time. Whether by yourself or with a group, be prepared.  If the trails are icy, I’d suggest


Ice Trekkers
so you’re not slipping and falling all over the place.

When driving in the mountains carry chains at all times. If you’re not comfortable with your vehicle, find friends with four-wheel drive. Above all, be smart and be safe.

Now is the time to get back in shape for adventure!